If you ship more than $5M annually in small parcel shipping, our partner can likely achieve significant cost savings through packaging optimization & right sizing. Their revenue model is contingency or success-based; meaning, they operate in the spirit of “nothing saved=nothing owed”. These savings can be applied directly to your bottom line or used as an alternative funding vehicle for CAPEX or OPEX initiatives. 

They help their customers crush their top operational & supply chain initiatives thru their initial focus on packaging optimization.  The process starts there, then they continue their momentum upstream and downstream to continue driving efficiencies and provide dramatic measurable & sustainable cost savings.

They employ heavy use of data analytics and utilize a proprietary process that lead to the right solutions for your operation and application.

Thru their successful approach they will be able to:

  • Reduce your shipping costs (& dimensional charges)
  • Lower your direct labor costs in picking, handling & packaging
  • Reduce your packaging materials spend
  • Reduce damage (along with a reduction in material spend)
  • Improve warehouse optimization
  • Improve the “unboxing” experience
  • Help you gain market share

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