Unruh Enterprises (UE) is a group of strategic thinkers with decades of experience and a range of academia working for start-ups to Fortune 50 companies. There’s no course you can take or degree you can obtain to teach you experience. Experience is made up of a combination of successes and failures. Strategic thinking is born out of those experiences. What a good parent is to a child, we are to your business. With our combined experience we will bring you wisdom. As with experience, wisdom is not taught; it is acquired over a long period of time. UE brings you the benefit of experience and wisdom regardless of what stage you are with your business.

What’s in a name? The name Unruh is of German origin and it can have two different meanings; both of which apply to our vision and purpose. The most common meaning of Unruh is to be restless, but the other less common meaning of Unruh is to have balance. As thinkers our minds never rest. Our thoughts can sometimes be disruptive, but they are always balanced. Disruptive is a good thing, it’s often times where innovation begins. We are Unruh.


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